Early planning is key

by Brian Muller
86th Logistics Readiness Squadron

With the busiest season for permanent change of station moves winding down, departures from the KMC have gone down but arrivals have dramatically increased.
As the KMC transportation officer, I am committed to making every move a better experience for service members, Department of Defense civilians and their families.

I tell my team, “Early planning is key.”

My team consists of three Personal Property Processing Offices, pronounced “Pippo,” and one Consolidated Personal Property Shipping Office, pronounced “Sippso.”

In all, the four offices total 64 service members, U.S. civilians and German civilians. In 2011, we processed 20,000 moves.

The CPPSO inbound section is the office most everyone will deal with upon arrival. With all DOD moves now processed in the Defense Personal Property System, most of the delivery and all of the damage reporting and claim submitting will be done through DPS.

It is essential that immediately upon arrival to the KMC you log into DPS and update your contact information and update again and again.  

DPS is a web based computerized management system for moving the household goods of military members and DOD civilians. It automates many steps involved in military moves: pre-move counseling, scheduling, tracking, invoicing and claims-filing for household goods shipments. This eliminates the need for service members to schedule appointments at their base to arrange their household goods moves face-to-face, allowing them to make arrangements anywhere, any time.

In DPS, you can go in 24/7. You will put in your shipment and move arrangements, and everything else is done automatically. You can do it from your laptop, from your work station and even your living room couch.

You also have the ability to track your shipments online. Moving agents will then contact you if your contact information is correct to schedule delivery. If they cannot contact you they will contact the CPPSO inbound section for help.

To start the delivery process, visit www.move.mil. This is your way into DPS. You can use both a username/password and Common Access Card login. There is information on move.mil to assist you with moving, damage reporting and claims.
The day after you arrive is the day you need to get into DPS and update shipment contact information. Once updated, the carrier moving your stuff can stay in touch with you and offer a delivery date.

For the most part, dates you request for delivery in DPS can usually be met. However, as peak season indicates, most people are moving and sometimes not all requested dates can be accommodated.

During your delivery, it is up to you to account for items and for damage found on delivery day and afterward.

If there is some problem with the movers at your residence, do not argue with the workers. Instead, call the CPPSO inspector number at  0160-90483425 and someone will come out right away. Don’t wait until after they leave. Remember, they are being paid to provide a service.

Submitting a claim for damaged or missing property is also in DPS. Visit www.
move.mil and download and print the claims handbook and follow the steps exactly.

The basic steps are to “Submit a report of damage” then to “Submit a claim.” You must follow the handbook steps in the right order to properly get reimbursed. Remember, full replacement value is a part of DPS.

Car shipping is a very easy process. All cars arrive at Kapaun Air Station on Vogelweh. This is where you will pick up your car and submit your claim for any damage. Visit www.whereismypov.com to find out if your car has arrived.

For more information, contact the PPPO on Ramstein, Kleber Kaserne or Daenner Kaserne. Contact information, hours of operation and addresses are in the “Find-It Guide” under “TMO” (Traffic Management Office). 

Remember, www.move.mil is your gateway to a good move.

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