Proper escorting ensures security, safety on base

by 2nd Lt. Kay M. Nissen
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

All sponsors are reminded to follow proper procedures when escorting off-base service providers.

“Force protection is a team effort and everyone is encouraged to take their escort responsibilities seriously,” said Lt. Col. Philip Holmes, 86th Security Forces commander.

Base residents who require the services of an off-base contractor have specific responsibilities when using those services on base.

For service providers who do not have an installation pass, the employing resident must meet them at the visitor control center for sign in.

When service providers have heavy equipment or vehicles larger than a six-passenger van, sponsors must meet visitors at the large vehicle inspection station gate.

When signing in a service provider, the biggest problem identified at the visitor control center is the lack of a valid ID from either the contractor or the resident, said security forces personnel.

“It’s important to note that not all contractors have the same base access. Some will require escort and some may have full access to be on their own,” Holmes said. “Either way, community members should be aware of proper procedures or call the security forces visitor control center to ensure proper enforcement.”

Contractors are required to have a valid passport or national ID. Traveling licenses are not sufficient. In addition, base residents must have their military identification card.

Residents who escort service providers will fill out a form, agreeing to their responsibilities as an escorting sponsor.

Specifically, sponsors should be with the visitor at all times and maintain positive control.

“Positive control is maintained when the personnel being escorted are within the visual and verbal control of the escort official,” said Lt. Col. Eric Springer, 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron commander. “It is imperative that this control is maintained at all times while escorted personnel are on the installation, and failing to do so can result in charges against the escort official.”

“Maintaining positive control from pick up to drop-off is critical to eliminating seams in our base defenses and reduces our adversaries’ ability to do harm,” Holmes said.

The sponsor will possess the passport or ID of the visitor. The passport or ID should be returned after the sponsor escorts the visitor off base.

During mandatory “It’s Your Move” briefings, base residents are educated on the process.

For additional questions on these procedures, call the visitor control center at 06371-47-5775.

Escorting Procedures Do’s and Don’t’s:
» DO find out if your visitor has an installation pass
» DO ensure that you bring your military ID for sign in
» DO remind visitors to bring a valid ID (passport or national ID)

» DON’T lose sight or contact with your visitor while on base
» DON’T forget to use the LVIS gate for visitors with heavy equipment
» DON’T return identification until visitor leaves the base

REMEMBER, not all contractors have the same base access. For more information, call the visitor control center at 06371-47-5775.

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