Best You Coaching

Finally lose weight for good with Best You, the holistic health coaching center in Gries.

Nutritional expert Michele Jung advises customers on individual metabolic types. “Often there is no realistic goal, broken down into achievable and motivational individual steps, and above all a professional support that bridges low-points and helps to prevent relapses.” says Jung.

Jung is committed to health, according to all the rules of the arts. She continues to pass on her knowledge in lectures, at seminars and in her Best You Coaching practice. She describes herself as a health coach. “This is a necessity of modern healthcare,” says the 52-year-old, who wants to motivate others to actively do something for their health, and not only when suffering and illness have already set in. “My health philosophy has always been to move people to move themselves,” says Jung.

”Of course, the doctor or alternative practitioner is important and still the first point of contact for illnesses,” says Jung. But it is more about raising the awareness that fitness, vitality and well-being are – or should be – normal. And she wants to urge you to roll up your sleeves. Her coaching is based on the three pillars of health: nutrition, exercise and relaxation. It is important to use the right relaxation techniques to free your mind and thus your body from the stress of everyday life. Sensible exercise is good for the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system and even the psyche. The subject of nutrition is the third pillar on which health rests. “Every human being is an individual. Therefore, nutrition must fit to the individual, not the other way around.” But this seems to be the opposite of usual recommendations. Michele Jung provides education on healthy eating, and it often turns out a lot less complicated than expected. Her nutritional counseling begins with a health check – metabolic analysis as the basis of an individual nutrition plan according to a nutritional concept developed by scientists, naturopaths and doctors at healthy balance.

“Many people have acidosis, intestinal problems, mineral deficiencies or hormonal problems, which of course do not allow for optimal metabolism.” These topics play an important role in nutritional counseling, as does the tailor-fitted exercise. “With my individual concept, I lead people to healthy, beneficial and fun-loving movement,” says Jung.


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