Lachmann-Schaberick Specialties

In 1952 Lachmann-Schaberick Specialties was established in Bremerhaven by Otto and Hilde Lachmann, where they started the production of embroidered ribbons, guidons, battalion flags, nametapes, and solid military items at the Air Base Weddewarden, Germany. In the late 60’s Otto and Hilde travelled to Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Lahr, Sembach, Zweibrücken, and Idar Oberstein  every 14 days for two weeks to sell their products. Handcrafted and hand-painted family and city coat of arms were produced and sold. They then decided to move the business from Bremerhaven to Mackenbach and Ramstein, where the production of engravings and awards started. In 1998 their daughter Brigitte Lachmann –Schaberick took over the business and enlarged the product range step by step. heir expertise now lies in the area of engraving, trophies, awards, plaques, framing, stamps, coins, patches, porcelain, gifts, souvenirs, and much more.  “We are proud of our family business and very proud to serve the military for 66 years,” said Lachmann-Schaberick.

Lachmannn’s is located on Ramstein Air Base in Bldg. 2113 (MOMS) and can be reached at 06371-43475. On the economy at the store is located at Gartenstr. 4, 67686 Mackenbach, 06374-2577.

Opening hours are Monday thru Fridays 9:30a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., on base they are also open on German and American Holidays.