• Photos courtesy of Eagles Nest ToursThe Eagle's Nest, also referred to as the Kehlsteinhaus, was given to Adolf Hitler as a birthday present in 1939. It is now a restaurant  and tourist destination.

    Visit Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest

    Located in Berchtesgaden, Germany, resting 6,017 feet high upon the Kehlstein Mountain is the “Eagles Nest,” also called the Kehlsteinhaus. Just looking at the Eagle’s Nest, one can easily think of it as “just a restaurant,” but it is more than that.

  • Photo courtesy of www.goeckelesmaier.deAt the Stuttgart Spring Festival, enjoy a rotisserie chicken and a beer at one of the many fest tents.

    Stuttgart Spring Festival

    Some agree there’s nothing bigger, nothing better and nothing more fun than the Stuttgart Spring Festival.

  • Photo by Amanda Hayward

    Cologne, Germany: Cathedral is tourist hot spot, Easter destination

    Some Christian families attend at least one special church service during the long Easter weekend, and what better way is there to celebrate the resurrection than at a historical cathedral surrounded by beaming stained glass windows, an amazing orchestra and breath-taking gothic architecture planted in the center of one of Germany’s oldest cities, Cologne?

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Photo courtesy of Valerie Potapova/Shutterstock.comThe Nuremberg Easter Market is open through Monday in front of the famous Frauenkirche. The market features more than 80 stalls selling everything from household goods, to arts and crafts, to homemade foods.

Nuremberg Easter Market open till Monday

Deciding on which Easter markets to visit is tough since there are so many popping up in large and small towns throughout Germany. One market to consider is the Nuremberg Easter Market, Nuremberg’s o […]


Courtesy photoBecca Breedlove-Berry is a thriving mom and resiliency pro. "I encourage mothers to be aware of themselves and their own needs. Often we get so wrapped up in the needs of our children, jobs and husbands we forget to take care of ourselves," she said.

Mother magic: Tips to help military moms thrive

At the beginning, there’s plenty of information on what to expect as a new mom. New parents anxious to keep their children healthy nurture their children and set up good routines. They gobble up baby books and their advice. After some time, moms become pros at handling the nitty gritty of the daily grind that raising children demands.


Man on the Street

Man on the Street

It’s a sunny Sunday out. How do you recommend spending it?            

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Courtesy photoThe vineyards around Rüdesheim

Rollin’ on the river: tips for a day on the Rhine

The powerful Rhine River once supported the Roman Empire. Today, its superb nature, wine and history are within easy reach; it’s just an hour’s drive from the KMC.


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