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Classified ads for the Kaiserslautern American newspaper are uploaded via Follow these steps to place your classified ads:

Register online at and select the membership that is right for you!

Choose your membership plan

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You want to sell your car, your furniture or your household goods and do not need photos? Then choose the FREE Membership.

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Get more out of your ads and publish your ads with photos! With the PLUS Membership you can also publish real estate advertisements and events.

After a quick registration, you are ready to go.

Your “Dashboard” allows you to place your ad in the appropriate section:

Choose the right category to help our users find your ad as fast as possible.

  • Classifieds – your classified ad market
  • Cars – your car market
  • Properties – your real estate market

Here are some tips for creating your first ad:

Tips for your first ad

  1. Set your ad on Publish
  2. Include the 3 most important words in your title, like:
    • 2009 BMW 320d (for your car ad)
    • White leather sofa, like new (for your furniture ad)
    • 3BR Duplex Ramstein (for your real estate ad)
  3. Select your preferred currency and enter the price
  4. Choose the right category
  5. Use tags like:
    • Auto, Car, BMW
    • Sofa, Couch, Furniture
    • House, Duplex, Ramstein

NOTE: For “Cars” and “Properties” ads, extra fields are available to help improve your ad.

The text for your online ad:

Use a well-thought-out description for your online ad:
Take the time to write a nice sales description to get even more attention and interest. Make sure you provide as much information as possible to avoid open questions! The online text is not tied to any word count.
Add text for your online ad

The text for your printed Kaiserslautern American ad:

Add text for your printed Kaiserslautern American ad
The text for the Print Ad Description should be limited to 260 characters. Please try to stay within a maximum of 3 lines to increase your chances of being placed in the newspaper. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we can not print ads that are too big. It is also important that you write your text in English and add important details such as telephone number or e-mail. Our users (your desired customers) are 90% American. Please try to write your text for this audience accordingly.

Unlike other online platforms, you have the additional advantage of a printed ad in the Kaiserslautern American newspaper. The Kaiserslautern American is a weekly newspaper that is specially distributed to the military facilities in Kaiserslautern and the surrounding area. It is distributed free of charge and financed purely by advertising.

Click “SAVE” to save your ad
Click the Save button to save your ad

Congratulations, your ad is now live on, and will be in the next Kaiserslautern newspaper (space available)!


If you have chosen the PLUS Membership, you will now be asked to add photos to your online ad.

Photos are always a great tool to get more attention!

Take clear pictures of your objects in daylight. A simple photo with your phone is good enough! Be sure to fill the picture with your sales object and not with the background. Your object should be the star!

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