Ramstein Rogues dominate Frankfurt, open season 2-0

by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The Ramstein Rogues Division-II men’s team beat Eintracht Frankfurt 45-15 in their second game this season at the German Sportplatz in Queidersbach
Sept. 8.

The Rogues dominated their opposition this week after a come-from-behind win against Frankfurt 1880 in last week’s home opener. The Rogue’s defense showed up in force ensuring the Frankfurt team wasn’t able to get near their end of the field for the majority of the game.

“This was a great win for us, we had a lot of new guys who stepped up and played well,” said Van Allen, Ramstein Rogue’s captain.

After multiple undefeated seasons, the Rogues moved up to Division-II in the Rugby Bundesliga.

“Even though we’re in a tougher division, our season looks promising after two of our first two games against quality opponents,” Allen said.

The team has been without some of their usual starters, forcing the younger players to step up.

“We have a lot of our regular players who are TDY or deployed, so it’s hard to hold a team together,” the team captain said. “We’re working with the players on getting used to our new team members and their play style.”

Adjusting to different styles of play has been an area of needed improvement for this year’s team.

“Our biggest thing so far this year has been our team chemistry,” he said. “Guys who normally play for the ‘B team’ are now playing for the ‘A team’ and we’re still getting used to each other’s tendencies. For a long time, I was used to one group of players. I knew where they would be on the field in any given circumstance so adjusting to new players will just take some practice.”

After the match, players celebrated the day’s victory, but also focused on the practices and opponents to come.

“Members of our team spend a lot of time with each other after games or practices, so we have a good relationship with each other,” he said. “We remind ourselves that even though we played well this time, we always have another game coming up that we need to prepare for.”

The Rogues’ next match will be an away game against Bonn-Rhein at 3 p.m. Sept. 15.

For more information on joining the team visit www.ramsteinrogues.com, or like them on Facebook.

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