0-0-1-3 campaign comes to KMC

Senior Master Sgt. Melinda Patrick

***image1***Over the past four weeks, the front page of the Kaiserslautern American has published an intriguing “0-0-1-3” slogan. This slogan is a part of a new campaign promoting a responsible drinking culture throughout the KMC.

This campaign fits in with the idea of “work hard – play smart.” The 0-0-1-3 slogan is memorable in comparison to other “message only” responsible drinking campaigns, and is founded on a scientifically-based public health model for prevention.

The campaign’s slogan stands for responsible alcohol consumption by stating our community’s measurable goals of zero alcohol related misconduct and zero driving under the influence or impaired by alcohol charges. As previously mentioned, this campaign is more than “message only,” as the campaign slogan also creates a socially accepted responsible alcohol consumption norm of consuming one “standard drink” per hour and a maximum of three “standard drinks” in one evening. 

Socially accepted responsible alcohol drinking norms, tied directly to Air Force core values, have proven successful in changing a drinking culture using a three pronged integrated prevention approach involving leadership, individuals, and our base and local community.

Misconduct or incidents, due to alcohol misuse, are a growing concern for our people and our mission; therefore, the problem belongs to leadership, individuals, and our base and community.  The Air Force averaged 5,300 alcohol-related incidents over the past five years. Alcohol contributed to 33 percent of suicides, 57 percent of sexual assaults, 29 percent of domestic violence incidents, and 20 to 25 percent of motor vehicle accidents in the Air Force.

The overall consequences of alcohol-related misconduct, incidents and/or DUIs produce serious negative results, including reduced retention rates, additional work for co-workers and units, as well as a high rate of military judicial action. A final extraordinary cost is the possible loss of life or destroyed family units. 

Preventing alcohol misconduct and DUIs by teaching the norm, represented by the 0-0-1-3 slogan, is necessary in changing the culture to responsible drinking. Changing drinking behavior and habits is the responsibility of individuals; however, the problem is the community’s.

By teaching individuals, Airmen, and our community what a “standard drink” is, and applying that knowledge to the norm, as depicted by the 0-0-1-3 concept, leaders, individuals, and base/community members hear and see the norm, discuss the norm, and may resist the norm.

Yet, inevitably individuals begin comparing personal drinking habits, the drinking habits of peers, loved ones, and supervisors/subordinates to the norm. Creating the norm or standard of one “standard drink” per hour and a maximum of three “standard drinks” consumed in one evening compared to individual drinking habits has proven successful in changing culture and in reducing incidents of alcohol related misconduct and DUIs.

As this 0-0-1-3 campaign reveals the norm and encourages a responsible drinking culture, do your part to make and to contribute to responsible drinking choices for yourself, your subordinates, your loved ones, and your customers. We all must continue to work harder at being better wingmen by playing smart.