1. FCK storms back into first league with 3-1 win

by Yanir Hill
Contributing writer

After winning all the pre-season friendly matches they played, 1. FCK stormed into the First Bundesliga Aug. 21, defeating Köln 3-1 at the Rhein Energie Stadium in Köln.

The stadium was filled to capacity and all 49,200 spectators witnessed how after four years of absence from the First Bundesliga, 1. FCK took charge of the field and dominated the match. Within the first two minutes of the match, the referee displayed a red card sending FC Köln’s Youssef Mohamad out of the game after a foul against striker Erwin Hoffer. Six minutes later, FC Köln took the lead scoring the first goal of the match — though controversial.

The goal was scored after goalie Tobias Sippel failed to catch the ball and let it fall in front of the foot of striker Andre Mijatovic.

In the first half, FC Köln made Sippel work hard to defend the goal. Martin Amedick, Alexander Bugera, Florian Dick and Rodnei assisted Sippel with the defense. 

It was during the second half that Kaiserslautern’s Red Devils took control of the pitch and bombarded the opponents with the pure desire to strike the goal.  
After continuous pressure, Srdjan Lakic scored two goals for FCK. The first goal was a beautiful shot straight into the net. With the momentum for this goal, tying the game 1-1, the Red Devils continued putting the heat on FC Köln. 

Ivo Ilicevic swept through four opponents before shooting the ball, which hit the bar of the goal post. This turned out to be a blessing as the rebound triggered Lakic to kick and score the second goal. With three minutes left, Ilicevic scored the final goal of the match.

The Red Devils are officially back and are storming the Bundesliga.
Today, Kaiserslautern’s home stadium, Fritz Walter Stadium, will be the stage for FCK’s face-off against FC Bayern München — the strongest team in the German league. 

Tickets to the match have been sold out for weeks, but screens are going up in restaurants, bars and other locations. Come out and support FCK as they take over the Bundesliga.