101 Critical Days ends, remember to ACT

by Brig. Gen. Rich Johnston
KMC and 86th Airlift Wing commander

Labor Day marks the end of the 101 Critical Days of Summer. The campaign was established to counter the traditional increase in mishaps and fatalities that occur during the summer months – from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends. 

During this year’s 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign we had several mishaps that included severe injuries and a death. Regardless of the time of year, one mishap is too many.

As the summer comes to a close, our KMC safety statistics show that privately-owned motor vehicle mishaps continue to be our largest problem area. Several of the mishaps occurred on county roads. The county roads in Germany are well maintained, but many do not have a shoulder, have trees close to the road, are poorly lit, and the maximum speed limit does not change during the night. As with any road throughout the world, you need to slow down when conditions warrant. 

I was fascinated by an AAA statistic that I recently read. It said that more than 90 percent of all motor vehicle accidents would not occur if drivers had one additional second. A simple way to ensure you have that extra second and approach everything you do in a safe manner, is to ACT:

•Assess the task or activity you’re going to be doing. Pay attention to its hazards.
•Consider ways to eliminate or control the task.
•Take action!

Not just during the summer, but throughout the year, everyone should incorporate ACT into their lives. Being safety conscious is a lifestyle choice worth following … worth living for!