10th AAMDC hosts EIAMDC

The 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command hosted the European Integrated Air and Missile Defense Conference at NATO Allied Air Command Headquarters at Ramstein Air Base, Jan. 14-15.

The event brought together 17 NATO organizations, Allies and partners to exchange views on the current air defense operating environment.

The 10th AAMDC Com­mand­ing General, Brig. Gen. Gregory Brady, said the European theater faces astounding and complex air and missile threats.

“We’ve got to work together closely because a threat has evolved that requires concerted and collective effort if we are going to commit to a truly collective defense,” Brady said.

As the 10th AAMDC moves forward the unit is setting the stage to begin the establishment of a forward presence with an additional ADA brigade Brady said.

“You will see some of the investments the U.S. Army has made in AMD in the European theater,” Brady said. “The air defense artillery brigade is our key to integrator for the interoperability and integration at our tactical units,” Brady said. “But just as we have increased our air defense capability and capacity, I know all the nations here represented are heavily investing in their air defense forces.”

The EIAMDC provided participating Allies and partners a forum to discuss ways to develop a more holistic approach to IAMD in Europe and identify exercises and venues to test new IAMD concepts, capabilities, and procedures.

“We’ve got to work to develop an architecture, procedures, tactics and the material to bring our myriad of systems and capabilities together in order to create a robust and multi-layered defense against a tough, complex and evolving threat set,” Brady said. “This is going to require boldness, creativity, open minds and a free exchange of ideas.”

The event was intended to begin a lasting dialogue on emerging policy, capability, and procedural requirements for Integrated Air and Missile Defense in Europe.

As air defense in Europe is becoming more robust than it has been in decades, Brady said as a whole we must move towards a more holistic conception of integrated air and missile defense.

“Ballistic missiles continue to present a challenging problem but the threat environment has been made all the more dynamic by the proliferation of cruise missiles, sophisticated, maneuverable ones and by the unmanned aerial systems of all threats,” Brady said. “I am looking forward to become better acquainted and working more closely with all the air defense professionals in this room and your organizations in which you represent.”