1,450+ civilians selected for various developmental education opportunities

More than 150 Air Force civilians were selected for developmental education and strategic leader program assignments. Additionally, 1,313 were selected as primary and alternates for developmental education non-boarded programs by Development Teams.

The Academic Year 2021 Civilian Developmental Education Senior and Intermediate Developmental Education Board and Fiscal Year 2021 Civilian Strategic Leader Program Board convened virtually July 27-30.

CDE/CSLP selections are listed on myPers.

The CDE board considered 305 Air Force civilian applicants and designated 124 primaries and 58 alternates to attend in-residence SDE/IDE opportunities during AY21.

“Developmental education is key to enhancing civilian Airmen’s skills and knowledge; it is central to the continuum of learning that spans a civilian’s professional career,” said Craig Pearson, Civilian Strategic Leader Program manager. “It prepares civilian Airmen for increased responsibility and shared leadership roles with their military counterparts.”

The CSLP board reviewed 45 applications and selected 26 Air Force civilians for assignment consideration at Headquarters Air Force, Joint Staff, combatant commands, major commands and installations.

“CSLP is a component of the talent management roadmap for strategic level leaders,” said Pearson. “The overarching goal is to develop selected GS-14s/15s or equivalents through challenging leadership assignments with roles and responsibilities that have Air Force enterprise and/or DOD-wide impact.”

Non-boarded programs include Air Command and Staff College-Online Master’s Program; Upgrading Your Executive Leadership Approach; Civilian Associate Degree Program; Civilian Leadership Course; Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program; Developing Team Leader Course; Education with Industry; Leading Effectively Through Change; Leading Change and Innovation; Leading With Impact; and Squadron Officer School.

Designee status is identified as “Primary” or “Alternate” for CDE programs and “Select” for CSLP assignment consideration. For the CDE Defense Senior Leader Development Program, selects are listed as “Candidates” because they will have to meet the Department of Defense Board for final selection into the program.

Once the DOD Board selections are announced in December 2021, the candidates will be notified by the Air Force’s Personnel Center Leadership Development Office.

DOD has not made final selections for the Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program. Selections will be announced separately in September.

Reporting dates, instructions, and additional program information will be provided directly to selectees through their work email addresses by their installation servicing civilian training office.