1st CMXS welcomes GSUs to KMC

by Airman 1st Class Ciara M. Travis
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Two of the 1st Communications Maintenance Squadron’s geographically separated units conducted a ceremony April 29 at the Hercules Theater here in honor of their official deactivation May 1.

Operating Location Delta at Grafenwöhr Training Area and Operating Location Echo at Katterbach Kaserne said goodbye to their current locations to relocate to a more efficient location on Kapaun Air Station.

Relocating the units has been a multi-year effort, using many man-hours and team efforts.

“Something I’ve heard that I feel explains our units perfectly is:  ‘Even the snail made it to the ark,’” said Lt. Col. Sean Raesemann, 1st Communications Maintenance Squadron commander. “And although we are moving, the mission doesn’t change, only where it originates.”

Although changing locations was hard work, it will pay off by what the transition offers: a better quality of life for the Airmen and their families. After the relocation, 15 Airmen will be in a more convenient location, making everyday work a little bit easier.

“Before, it was Airmen working from Army garrison. Now we are able to work more efficiently by being surrounded by an Air Force community,” Colonel Raesemann said.

With the 7th Weather Squadron out of Heidelberg and the 21st Operational Weather Squadron from Sembach Kaserne relying on the equipment in Grafenwöhr and Katterbach, maintenance will still continue on a regular basis.

“One thing we can guarantee is the service to the customer will not change,” said Col. John Shapland, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing commander. “The switch will allow for a more centralized location and better efficiency.”

While the change in location made for a better quality of life for the Airmen, many are sad to leave the historical Grafenwöhr and Katterbach areas.

“It was interesting to know that while working on Grafenwöhr, we were also working on one of Adolf Hitler’s training sites,” said Tech Sgt. Martin Molock, 1st CMXS weather maintenance NCO in charge. “Not to mention, it was also interesting to know that Elvis (Presley) was stationed here during his prior service.”