21 STB, TSC hosts Suicide Prevention and Resiliency training, “I care…we care”

The 21st Theater Sustainment Command hosts Suicide Prevention training highlighting the “I Care…We Care” campaign. The event includes Soldiers and civilians addressing concerns and provides resources to leaders to help them manage the Army’s most valuable resource, its people.

Leaders learn how to actively engage in practices that encourage and motivate people to build their resilience and enhance their readiness.

To build trust, leaders should put forth positive actions, conduct resiliency training, encourage visiting behavioral health, engage in behavior that benefits everyone in the organization (prosocial behavior) and exhibit further emotional intelligence skills to improve the climate of the organization.

Leaders are given advice for more holistic approaches to help with overall Soldier wellness, and to help prevent high-risk behaviors.

Using these techniques, leaders can establish strengthened connections within the unit, and promote a climate of trust and cohesion. This renewed relationship between team members and leaders can help change the trajectory of someone’s life by mitigating and recognizing stressors so they do not culminate into a crisis.

Leaders were given resources to help maintain the unit readiness, personnel readiness and the individual Soldiers’ ability to perform their duties. Many high-risk behaviors can contribute to personal, family, and mission readiness impacting our daily lives.

This campaign and training reinforces that our Soldiers in 21 TSC have engaged leaders, Soldiers, civilians and German partnerships.