21st TSC awards civilian employees

by Angelika Lantz
21st TSC Public Affairs

The truth is in the numbers. Twenty-eight years was the average length of
service for the 61 civilian employees being honored at the 21st Theater
Sustainment Command’s Civilian Length of Service Ceremony at the Kaisers-lautern Community Activity Center Feb. 10 on Daenner Kaserne.

Col. Jeffrey Miser immediately established how much value the 21st TSC’s leadership places on the civilian workforce in his opening remarks. The 21st TSC chief of staff said he was more than willing to fill in for Maj. Gen. Yves J. Fontaine when the initial date for the ceremony resulted in a scheduling conflict for the commanding general. However, General Fontaine rejected that notion summarily and decisively because he said he considered the event too important and wanted to present the awards personally, Colonel Miser said.

 “It is an honor to be here and to present these awards. We would not be able to complete our mission without you. Nothing happens without you,” General Fontaine said to the Department of Defense employees who collectively account for more than 1,700 years of service.

General Fontaine, who jokingly differentiated between the “youngsters” and the “old-timers,” ultimately handed out the vast majority of awards to the latter group. Loyalty, dedication and commitment were evidenced again, with 51 of the
employees being honored for 25 or more years of service.

General Fontaine also remarked on the element of stability the civilian workforce provides in an ever-changing military environment and consequential increases in workload and pressure.

“Here we are transformed, and we need you even more now … and you are doing even more now. That’s why it is so important to recognize you here today,” he said.

The following civilian employees were nominated for length of service awards:

50 Years of Service
• Paul Zedalis
40 Years of Service
• Rolf Cappel
• Yvonne Carle-
• James Jenkins
• Heinz Walter
•Patrick Stubblefield
35 Years of Service
• Norbert Boettcher
• Wallace Benton
• Holger Cordier
• Michael Watson
• John Lantz
• William Sanders
• Irene Schneider
• Howard Solis Jr.
• Harald Kehrein
30 Years of Service
•  Francis William
• John Burns
• Petra Detzen
• Christa Dozier
• Marianne Ehliger
• Agnes Faulk
• Eric Gordon-Jones
• Sonja Hochreither
• Ursula Leonhardt
• Floyd McQueen
• Gisela Müller
• Karin Müller
• Ursula Papke
• Peter Salmins
• Alfred Taylor
• Gerhard
• Kenneth Wynn
25 Years of Service
• Bertram Becker
• Sieglinde Beekhuis
• Denise Downey
• Carrie Hill
• Marvin Jackson
• William Stokes, Dr.
• Manfred Kloos
• John Nordrum
• Anthony Paskvan
• Heike Reinheimer
• Corinne Salinas
• Stephen Smith
• Georgia Harville
• Keith Stahl
• Wolfgang
• Robert Stern
• Melissa Laycock
• Marion Thome
• Reinhard Wolsiffer
20 Years of Service
• Petra Fini
• Sibylle Groll
• Brian Hapner
• Klaus Ittner
• Rüdiger Ziegler
15 Years of Service
• Crystal Ann Ortiz
10 Years of Service
• Timothy Scott
5 Years of Service
• Jay Bevard
• Ulrich Vaekenstedt
• Jennifer Spencer