38th CSW opens new headquarters

1st Lt. Erin Dorrance
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The 38th Combat Sup-port Wing cut the ribbon to its new headquarters building on Kapaun Air Station Dec. 8.

The wing, which stood up May 25, 2004, was initially headquartered at Sembach as an interim location.

“We moved the headquarters because we wanted to be closer to Ramstein, where most of our business takes place,” said Col. Rich Weathers, 38th CSW commander.

Renovation on the new headquarters building was headed up by one of the 38th CSW’s own; the 38th Construction and Training Squadron. The construction, which started in May and finished in early December, included 29 rooms occupying 1,000 square meters, said Manfred Kolling, 38th CTS Horizontal Construction chief.

“Using the 38th CTS for the project was the way to go,” Colonel Weathers said. “They do terrific work and take great pride in their projects.”

Colonel Weathers said he was extremely happy with the results of the project.
“When the wing stood up, we had four people, no furniture and no building,” he said. “With a lot of work and support from the 38th CSW and our KMC counterparts, we are able to give our people a professional facility.”

During the ceremony, Colonel Weathers recognized three squadrons with 38th CSW framed murals. The individuals representing their squadrons were: Lt. Col. Eric Yates, 38th CTS commander; Lt Col. Pete Ellis, 431st Air Base Group commander for the 431st Civil Engineering Squadron; and Capt.

Christopher Rubiano, 435th Communications Squadron.
Colonel Weathers noted that not only is the renovated building conveniently located closer to Ramstein, it has lifted the morale of his staff.
The 38th CSW Head-quarters, which consists of 41 military and civilian personnel, commands four groups and 15 squadrons located in Germany, England, Belgium, Ne-therlands, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece. The wing consists of 2,500 military and civilian personnel assigned to 31 geographically separated units with a variety of missions.