39 Movement Control Battalion Leadership in Poland

The Command Team of the 39th Movement Control Battalion, LTC Rivera and CSM Noid, Stilwell 6 and 7 respectively, visited the 355th Transportation Detachment, Movement Control, at the Port of Gdynia, Poland. LTC Rivera and CSM Noid received a brief on their upcoming operations and recognized the Soldiers and Civilians’ hard work in support of the theater. The 355 MCT Coyotes are providing movement control support and in transit visibility of equipment for 1-1 ID’s deployment to home station. Over the last 45 days, they have received over 1,100 pieces of equipment via rail and commercial line haul, staging the equipment at the port for vessel upload! The 39th Movement Control Battalion is no stranger to operating in foreign countries ensuring equipment is transported correctly. They are a critical piece of our militaries movement of equipment into and out of theater.