415th Base Support Battalion: Commander sends farewell to battalion, begins new

Lt. Col. David W. Hall
415th Base Support Battalion commander

***image1***Have you ever traveled to any other military community overseas? My wife and I have visited many, and our reaction is always the same – ‘We’re so lucky to be living in the KMC.’
Part of the reason is that we are all ‘double-dippers.’ We have the best of both the Army and the Air Force in one community.
Who says ‘competition’ isn’t healthy? Who says location isn’t important? Well, we’ve proven they both are.
As Beth Anne and I depart the 415th Base Support Battalion after 24 months of community command, I wanted to personally and publicly thank everyone in the KMC for making our tour so fulfilling and rewarding. Our true take-away is that the KMC is the best military community in Europe, maybe the best, period, principally because of you.
You volunteered in excess of 125,000 hours last year alone.
Your morale, welfare and recreation, and services programs are the best in Europe. The partnering is awesome between Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Defense Commissary Agency, United Service Organizations, Department of Defense Dependent Schools, the Army and the Air Force.
Your private organizations flourish and cater to the entire spectrum of our population.
Your programs like Helping Hands and Toy Outreach are model, joint programs for any military community to emulate.
Your support to families is the best we’ve seen in 20 years of service.
It has been an honor to serve you as the Commander of the 415th Base Support Battalion. We will never forget our ‘extended European vacation,’ the camaraderie of our fellow Soldiers and Airmen, and our incredible years spent in the KMC.