435th MDSS takes summer league title

Airman 1st Class Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

The 435th MDSS came into the summer basketball league championship
games expecting to win, even though they were coming from the losers

“We expected to win these games,” said 435th MDSS coach/players Byron
Owens. “We beat this team already during the season, it was just a
matter of doing it again.”

But the team they played in the title game, 435th CS, beat them when it counted more, in the second round of the playoffs.

The stage was set for a nail-biting game but 435th MDSS answered and won two straight games, by at least seven points.

“It was a matter of defensive pressure and mental mistakes,” said Owens.
Owens went on to say that the second-round loss to 435th CS was a
result of not mentally preparing for the game and wasn’t a reall
assessment of his teams ability.

435th MDSS will savor this win as they have a tough road ahead of them.
A couple of key players won’t be around for the upcoming intramural
season, so coach Owens said they will be looking for players.