435th Pharmacy expansion nears completion

Courtesy of 435th Medical Group

***image1***The 435th Medical Group’s building 2114 expansion project is approaching completion of its first phase.  In the first phase of opening, the pharmacy will move into its new facility July 16. One of the most dramatic differences patients will notice about the new pharmacy is the spacious waiting room, now 46 square meters as compared to the 25 square meters available in the previous location. Other improvements also include a handicap accessible window, the patient sign-in system now located right in the waiting room, and new furniture with more available seating. Designed to improve patient privacy, each pick-up window in the new pharmacy is separated by a privacy wall, and a pharmacist counseling room is available for patients who wish to discuss their medical issues in a more closed environment.

Functionally, the new pharmacy was planned from the ground up to enhance work flow, improve patient safety and privacy, and optimize space utilization. The new floor plan provides two prescription filling lines complete with automated pill dispensing systems for both. Air Force pharmacies utilize these automated systems by PharmAssist that employ bar coding technology to improve patient safety. In addition, a German pharmacy or ‘apotheke’ shelving system was employed which more than doubled shelving space.  This extra space was needed for the addition of 627 items to accommodate the KMC unified formulary. The benefit of the consolidated formulary is that it standardizes care across the KMC and therefore allows patients to utilize the KMC pharmacy of their choice. The more efficient layout and added space gives the Medical Group the capability to handle up to twice the prescription volume as needed when our mission requires. This state of the art pharmacy will ensure that Ramstein beneficiaries continue to get world class pharmacy service.