569th USFPS provides tips to increase traffic safety

Staff Sgt. Janee Walker
569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron

1. Traffic accidents:  If in an accident off base, motorists are required to immediately notify German Polizei and security forces of the driver’s location, injuries and any damage to host nation property.  To notify, use cell phone, roadside assistance phone or go to closest place with a phone (gas station, restaurant, etc.)  Failure to immediately contact local or military police could result in a charge of fleeing the scene of an accident.
 2. License plates:  Attach horizontally in the front and rear of the vehicle. Both must be clearly visible and the rear plate must be centered underneath a light or lights on either side of the plate.  License plates will be attached firmly to the privately owned vehicles using bolts, screws, or brackets
3.  Seatbelts:  Unless motorists are on a profile that states otherwise, seatbelts must cross shoulder and chest.  Children 11 years old or younger, or shorter than 4 feet 11 inches are required to use suitable child-restraint devices and must be seated in the rear seat of the vehicle if possible.
4.  School buses:  On U.S.-controlled property drivers, must stop when passengers are getting on or off school buses, regardless of whether motorists are in front or behind the school bus.
5.  Headphones:  Wearing headphones, except for a “hands-free” speaking system for a cell phone, is prohibited when operating a government-owned vehicle, POV, motorcycle or self-propelled vehicles/sports equipment – bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters – and while jogging or walking on roadways.  
 6.  Crosswalks:  People walking in, standing on or waiting to use any crosswalk have the right-of-way.  
7.  Skaters, skateboarders and kick-scooter riders:  Wear protective gear according to standards for bicycles to include helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, wrist guards and light-colored clothing or reflective accessories.
 8.  Parking: If a parking space is not marked by two white lines on either side, it’s not a legal parking slot. Don’t park on sidewalks, grass, unpaved areas or areas marked with no parking signs.
 9.  Reserved parking slots: If you do not hold the rank or title (active duty or retired) shown on the sign for that parking area, you are not allowed to park in that slot under any circumstances.
 10. Ticketing procedures:  Tickets are issued at all times of the day or night as violations are noted.  Parking in non-designated, prohibited areas results in a 0 point assessment to a driver’s record. However, if you accumulate three tickets within a 12-month period, you will have your USAREUR license suspended for up to 180 days.
 11. Unattended vehicles: Vehicles cannot be left unattended with the motor running or with a child alone under the age of 10.  Individuals will be cited, but there are no points assessed.  However, members could face child-neglect charges if the case is severe.