700 CONS take cover

by 2nd Lt. Adam Derentz
700th Contracting Squadron

***image1***KMC leadership from the Army and Air Force were on hand to unveil a new pavilion for the 700th Contracting Squadron during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Dec. 20 at Rhine Ordnance Barracks.
The project began shorlty after midnight Oct. 1 with a ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate the start of the new fiscal year. The pavilion replaces the old gazebo, which was smaller and worn down, with a new 6-by-6 meter pavilion, featuring more sitting room and a new barbecue pit and patio.

“This is a tangible expression of the 435th Air Base Wing’s appreciation for all the hard work you do for the KMC,” said Col. Mike Brown, 431st Air Base Group commander.
This construction project was unique because it was built on an Army post, but funded by the 435th ABW. It was a rare occasion where the Army accepted real property from the Air Force, officials said. 

“The pavilion will not only benefit the Airmen of the 700th Contracting Squadron, but also the many Army units operating out of ROB,” Lt. Col Julian Thrash, 700th CONS commander, said. “It’s just another great example of what can be accomplished when the Army and Air Force work together.”