786th CES prepares base for winter

Story and photo by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Members of the 786th Civil Engineer Squadron heat shop are ensuring members of Team Ramstein have heat this winter by performing checks on the heating systems of various buildings. The 786th CES heat shop is responsible for making sure the more than 300 heating systems on base are functioning properly.

“We start our checks months in advance with buildings labeled ‘critical’ by our commander,” said Klaus Sinoteh, 786th CES heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician. “So we start with schools, housing and dormitories, then we move onto the rest of the base.” Members of the heat shop perform checks on multiple different things in heating rooms.

“We provide heat for everyone on base by doing things like ensuring the water pumps are getting the proper voltage to control the water flow and by

making sure there’s enough heat flowing into the building,” Said Senior Airman Richard Brooks,

786th CES HVAC technician. “We also check to make sure the right amount of water is flowing through the pipes, which then gets heated up  and provides comfort to those inside the buildings.” During a check, there could be any kind of discrepancy from a broken pipe or pump, to an error in a control panel that has to be fixed.

“In this mechanical room there was a blown fuse, so the pump wasn’t working,” Brooks said. “We traced the problem back to the control panel and worked on the wiring there to fix the blown fuse. We also check the pumps to make sure that we get the proper water flow to the building.” These are routine checks done every year to maintain the quality of life here, Brooks said.

“I wouldn’t have any other job in the Air Force,” he said. “We contribute to the mission by ensuring other Airmen are comfortable, thus letting them focus on what they’re doing.”