86th AW wins outstanding unit award for second year

by Capt. Erin Dorrance
Kaiserslautern American

Brig. Gen. Rich Johnston, KMC and 86th Airlift Wing commander, announced at his commander’s call July 20 that the 86th AW was awarded the U.S. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for the second year in a row.

The award is for every one assigned to the wing from Nov. 1, 2005 to Dec. 31, 2006, said General Johnston. The wing had been awarded the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Valor from Jan. 15, 2004 to Oct. 31, 2005.  
“Every one of you earned this award because you took care of the mission and you took care of each other,” he said to hundreds of Airmen in Hangar 1. “It is not easy to win this type of an award two years in a row.” 

The 86th AW has been involved in numerous missions during the 13-month time frame. 

The wing was the first on the scene to support the evacuation of 20,000 American and Lebanese citizens living in Lebanon at the onset of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. The wing also continuously deployed personnel and equipment to execute more than 1,900 sorties supporting operations Joint Forge, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism.

General Johnston concluded the call with a compliment.

“I am so proud of this wing and I salute every one of you that make up this fantastic team,” said General Johnston.