86th MXS wins intramural softball championship

by Senior Airman Jimmie D. Pike
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Members of the 86th Maintenance Squadron softball team pose for a photo after winning the Intramural Softball Championship game Aug. 23 on Ramstein. During the championship game, the 86th MXS plated the 786th Force Support Squadron and emerged victorious by scoring 25 total runs. — Photo by Senior Airman Jimmie D. Pike

Glints of sunlight shimmer through the squinted eyes of an 86th Maintenance Squadron softball player as he steps up to the batting plate and rears back his bat.

The crowd erupts into a mix of jeers, taunts, and praises as the 786th Force Support Squadron’s pitcher hurls the ball confidently through the air over home plate. With a loud, thunderous crack, the crowd is enveloped by a silent amazement as the batter redirects the ball over the fence.

Three 86th MXS players stride around the bases to home plate contributing to the team’s 2017 Intramural Softball Championship Game win at the Southside Fitness Center softball field Aug. 23 on Ramstein.

“We came into the season knowing we were going to win the trophy,” said Senior Airman Etienne Leboeuf, 86th MXS precision measurement equipment laboratory journeyman and softball team assistant coach. “We played every game with that mentality. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have won in the end, because the other teams were competitive.”

Being optimistic and having the same attitude and mindset allowed the team to come together and win battles on and off the field.

“It feels good to come out here and play with this team,” said Staff Sgt. Jose Otero, 86th MXS aerospace ground equipment craftsman and softball team coach. “We saw a lot of camaraderie where all the shops in maintenance came together and played toward a unified goal. We are all looking forward to playing together next year.”

Kodie Bellew, 86th Maintenance Squadron softball player, makes it safely on a base during an intramural softball game Aug. 22 on Ramstein. Bellew played on the team as a dependent because his father works for the 86th MXS. — Photo by Staff Sgt. Nesha Humes Stanton

Players from opposing teams high-five one another to show good sportsmanship at the end of an intramural softball game Aug 22 on Ramstein. Professionalism and sportsmanship are two key factors of the intramural sports system that help to boost morale. — Photo by Airman 1st Class Milton Jr. Hamilton
Airman 1st Class Kristopher Cooper, 86th Maintenance Squadron sheet metal technician, bumps fists with a teammate to celebrate a good inning during an intramural softball game on Ramstein, Aug 22. Cooper’s team went on to win the championship game, ending their season with 10 wins and two losses. — Photo by Staff Sgt. Nesha Humes Stanton