86th OG receives ‘excellent’ USAFE Aircrew Standardization, Evaluation visit

Maj Tim Julian
86th Operations Group

The 86th Operations Group Standardization, Evaluation professionals and individual aircrew members were recently given the opportunity to prove their mettle.
Six months of detailed and grueling preparations came to fruition during the Headquarters U.S. Air Forces in Europe Standardization and Evaluation visit April 12 to 16.
Imagine being seriously injured while Temporary Duty to Tuzla, Bosnia and you have to be evacuated to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center on an 86th Airlift Wing C-130.
The last thing patients should be thinking about is, “Is this flight crew qualified to care for me and get me safely to the hospital?” The reality is you don’t have to think about it at all.
The constant oversight of the standardization and evaluation aircrew members in the 86th OG make sure of it.
Through programs and individual evaluations, the group ensures all aircrews are qualified and able to safely carry out the airlift and aeromedical evacuation mission.
The team inspected the standardization, evaluation sections of the 86th OG, 37th Airlift Squadron, 38th Airlift Squadron, 76th Airlift Squadron, 86th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron and the 309th Airlift Squadron.
The team also conducted more than 90 aircrew checkrides and administered tests to all 86th OG aircrew members.
The results reinforced what Col. Randy Kee, 86th OG commander, already expressed.
“From my vantage point … especially when it comes to meeting the 86th AW’s goal of projecting ‘Combat Power’…everyone in this group has to know, we achieve an ‘Outstanding’ level of aircrew performance,” said Colonel Kee.
The aircrews’ performance speak volumes. All flight evaluations were graded “Q-1” (fully qualified with no restrictions) and the test average for all 86th OG aircrews was 98 percent, which is considered an outstanding testing rating.
They updated and released more than 30 new publications, produced 126 practice tests and conducted numerous squadron visits.
The “Blue Tail Flies” of the 37th AS were lauded for many programs, but their “Go-No-Go” program, which ensures a specific aircrew is ready to fly prior to “stepping” to the aircraft, was specifically lauded.
The 76th AS was also recognized in this area, but expounded on the process by incorporating a real-time electronic database into their mission planning procedures.
The aeromedical evacuation experts of the 86th AES chalked up an overall excellent as well. This is quite an accomplishment, considering they changed aircraft qualification from C-9 to C-130 and also gained C-21 certification last year.
“The men and women of the 86th OG can be proud of their accomplishment,” said Lt Col John Forzato, the USAFE SEV team chief. “The 13 member (team) conducted a comprehensive review of aircrew performance and program management and gave our stamp of approval with an overall excellent rating — A job well done.”
There will be no resting on laurels, however. Flight safety is priority number one, so members can rest assured, the 86th OG aircrews flying missions throughout the globe will be 100 percent qualified and read — the Standardization, Evaluation folks make sure of it every day.