86th WSA beats 609th NSS in intramural softball game

by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 86th Wing Staff Agency crushed the 690th Network Support Squadron 17-9 in an intramural softball game May 31 at Ramstein’s Southside Fitness Center.
With two wins under their belt, the WSA is currently undefeated.

“We are off to a great start,” said James Annison, interim coach and left-fielder. “I am delighted and ecstatic in how this season has begun for us.”

For the next game, it’s Annison’s goal for the team to work on communication.

“Our communication is good, however, it can always be better,” he said. “Each of us needs to let each other know where they are going to be. Teams that don’t communicate don’t do well.”

The NSS had solid hitting and good fielding but still came up short.

“The first two teams were great and in this last game we struggled to get that lead,” Annison said. “If we play teams like this all season we are going to have to work hard to come out on top. We have a level-headed team and I know we will do our best.”

Winning is great, but it is important to remember why intramural sports are played.

“It’s a great opportunity to have fun and enjoy ourselves,” said Michael Powell, outfielder for the WSA. “It’s a good chance to come together with people we don’t normally work with, have a good time and get some good PT in while we’re at it.”

The WSA is very humble, Annison said. They don’t throw the win in everyone’s face.

“We wouldn’t have had our wins without our great support system,” Annison said. “I want to applaud them and thank everyone one of them who came out to support the team, either by stepping up and playing or cheering on the team. It means a lot.”

As WSA’s next month’s games are played at Kapaun Air Station, the team gears up for whatever is thrown at them.

Current standings for National League and American League:

569th U.S. Forces Police Sq. 3-0

86th Wing Staff Agency 3-0

86th Vehicle Readiness Sq. 3-0

86th Medical Group 3-0

86th Maintenance Sq. #1 2-1
450th Intel Sq. 2-1
460th Space Comm. Sq. 2-1
86th Civil Engineer Sq. 2-1
86th Aeromedical Evacuation Sq. 1-2

86th Comm. Sq. 1-2
86th Munitions Sq. B 1-2
721st Aerial Port Sq. 0-3
690th Network Systems Sq. 0-3
1st Air and Space Comm. Sq. 0-3

3rd Air Force 2-0

1st Combat Comm. Sq. 2-0

721st Aerial Port Sq. #1 2-0

86th Maintenance Sq. #2 2-0

86th Munitions Sq. A 1-1

700th Contracting Sq. 1-1

NCO Academy 1-1

86th Civil Engineer Group 1-1
U.S. Air Forces in Europe A4 1-1
86th Security Forces Sq. 1-1
21st Operational Weather Sq. 1-1
86th Logistics Readiness Sq. 1-1
86th Mission Support Group 0-2
86th Dental Sq. 0-2
76th Airlift Sq. 0-2
786th Force Support Sq. 0-2

*NOTE: Bold teams are teams that won their games.