A chocolate-lover’s dream

Get acquainted with the local region of the Palatinate – its nature, history, food and wine – and don’t miss experiencing the Palatinate from its chocolate side. A trip to the WAWI Schoko-Welt, or Chocolate World, in Pirmasens is guaranteed to be a pleasurable experience.

You can taste the special ingredient put into all the chocolate made at Schoko-Welt – tender loving care. During your visit to the factory, you will get to see first-hand the TLC that is put into the creation of these confections. Through glass windows along the production line, you can watch how these handmade chocolates become so irresistibly delicious. 

Quality begins with the selection of only the finest natural products and carries over into the careful preparation of quality ingredients to create a first-class product, under stringent quality control, until the WAWI-brand chocolate finally lands on the sales shelves.

The Schoko-Welt features a chocolate museum where you can learn interesting and valuable information about the WAWI brand, about chocolate and its production and about the history of chocolate.

Stop by the museum store to purchase some freshly made chocolate. You will find a large selection of chocolate specialties to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or grab breakfast, coffee a light lunch or a slice of cake in the cafeteria.

WAWI has several locations worldwide in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Products from WAWI

WAWI brand chocolate:

Delicious chocolates for every taste and occasion. Most of the products are available throughout the year, but some seasonal products are specially produced for Easter and Christmas.


Finest Dutch nougat coated with exquisite dark chocolate. This classic chocolate has been made from the same recipe since 1925. NAPPO is available in the classic texture, but the NAPPO soft is gaining popularity.


Eis Schokolade, or ice chocolate. Holding true to its name, chocolate pieces of Eis Schokolade literally melt in your mouth. Chocolate connoisseurs enjoy this chocolate served ice-cold out of the fridge, because this is how its flavor best unfolds.

WAWI Giant Chocolate Egg:

Work was started March 9 on a giant chocolate Easter egg, which will reach its final size of 1.70 meters in height and 1 meter in diameter. On April 22 the egg will be cracked and pieces will be offered to WAWI visitors free of charge.

WAWI Schoko-Welt
Unterer Sommerwaldweg 19-20
66953 Pirmasens
Telephone: 06331-239990
E-mail:  aswawi@aol.com

Take A-62 or B-270 to Pirmasens. Follow the signs to “Kreisverwaltung.”
The factory is located in a red building in a neighborhood called Sommerwald, near Husterhöhe. Look for the water tower.

WAWI Schoko-Welt Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
(Open on some Sundays – confirm with a phone call or check the Web site)