A day without technology

Compiled Story and photo by Colleen Kiplinger
Ramstein High School

***image2***Giving up technology in this day and age is easier said than done.
At Ramstein High School, Suzanne Volke’s tenth-grade World History and AP European History classes accepted the challenge to turn the clocks back and live without technology, as they did in the Victorian era.

The students were not allowed to use their iPods, TV’s or computers for 24 hours.
The purpose for this project was for the class to realize how dependent today’s society is on technology and also to give the students a glimpse into what life was like during the Victorian Era.

Electric lights were replaced with candle lights. No processed food was allowed; instead students had to make meals from scratch. Instead of using a car, students were encouraged to walk or use their bikes. The students thought the project would be an easy ‘A,’ but it proved to be a much more difficult task.

“I was tired from just one day of living without our modern conveniences,” Kris Van Buren said.

***image1***The students used their extra free time away from technology to play cards, write letters, study and even catch up with their family members.

“You noticed all the free time you have without electronics,” Stacy Miller said. “It makes you value everything you have so much more.”

Each student was asked the same question at the end of the project: If you could turn the clock back permanently to the Victorian era would you? They all replied “no.”

Students are happy to be living in 2008, surrounded by modern conveniences that make life a lot more fun.