A Royal Masquerade

by Suzanne Smith
Ramstein High School

How many kids get to say they had their prom at a castle?
That was the line floating around Ramstein High School when the students learned they would be spending a night in a the beautiful Schloss Reichenstein May 16 to celebrate their annual prom.

Students were treated to dinner, an evening of dancing and a bit of glamour as they partied the night away in the castle overlooking the Rhine River. The
centuries-old fort, once a hideout for robbers and errant knights, was a most romantic location for this year’s prom.

“There’s something magical about dancing all night long in a castle,” said RHS 11th-grader Gabbie Schneider. “It was very special and unique.”

This year’s prom was quite the success. With the fantastic location, romances budding all around and even one marriage proposal, it was impossible not to enjoy this enchanted evening.