A Star Performer

by Airman 1st Class April Dillin
426th Network Warfare Squadron

Staff Sgt. Steven Delaney, from the Mighty 426th Network Warfare Squadron, travelled to Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, Jan. 9 to try out for the Air Force soccer team.

From a young age, Sergeant Delaney discovered soccer was more than just a hobby for him. He started playing when he was 3 years old. As a teenager, he wanted to take his passion for soccer to the highest levels achievable.

With 23 years of experience playing soccer, Sergeant Delaney has not only risen to great heights of athletic competition, displaying extraordinary character and commitment along the way, but he also exemplifies the AF Core Values, both on and off the field.

After weeks of hard work at Dyess, he successfully made the team. It was physically and mentally demanding. The most difficult parts were being away from his wife and children back in Germany and working out twice every day to maintain peak conditioning, he said. His favorite part was meeting new people from across the Total Force and playing his favorite sport.

Throughout his AF soccer experience, Sergeant Delaney enjoyed playing against some excellent opposing soccer teams, including the Army, Navy and Marine teams.

Sergeant Delaney not only strives to fulfill his own dreams and desires, but he is also dedicated to meeting the needs of the AF mission.

Sergeant Delaney has been an analyst in the Electronic Systems Security Assessment career field since he entered the Air Force in 2003.

In addition to his primary job of protecting and defending AF information, networks, plans and operations from cyber attack, he is the 426th NWS financial resource adviser. As the resource adviser, he has been responsible for managing an annual budget of more than $200,000 across three operating locations in two countries.

In terms of being active in the community, off-duty Sergeant Delaney participates in local host nation soccer events and has a love for music, playing guitar and percussion for his church. He is also a family man, spending time with his wife and his three daughters.

In accordance with the Air Force philosophy of developing the whole person, not only is Sergeant Delaney engaged and involved in athletic competition, at work and across the community, he also likes to have fun and learn. As an avid learner, he is currently completing his Bachelor’s of Art degree in history and intends to graduate in May from The American Military University.

As a model Airman, Sergeant Delaney stands as an Air Force member who balances a variety of personal and professional responsibilities, lives the AF Core Values and is deeply committed to and motivated by his faith and his family. 

If you are interested in more information on pursuing membership to an AF-level sports team, stop by your nearest fitness center.