A vacation with your pet – travel without headaches

The Tip from our Veterinarian Dr. Liana Meisel-Gehl
Radio Veterinarian on SR3 and Owner

Just like humans, pets also deserve a holiday every now and then. Dogs, for example, are fond of travelling with their families, whereas cats don’t really appreciate it. Before setting out, there are several things you should know about a journey with your pet.

Each country has entry requirements for animals. Within the European Union, animals must be distinctively marked with a chip or a tattoo (until 2011) and must be accompanied by an EU pet passport, which documents a valid rabies vaccination.
Certain EU countries have far-reaching requirements that require longer advance times, such as the rabies antibody determination or other vaccinations. There may also be requirements regarding deworming or that the dog must wear a muzzle or be kept on a leash.

In every case, you should inform yourself about the travel requirements before your vacation to avoid problems with your beloved four-legged friend.

A long journey can mean a lot of stress for the animal, especially during summer when the heat or climate changes can adversely affect even healthy animals. Also, the risk of disease in southern European countries should not be underestimated. To ensure your animal is protected as much as possible, consult your veterinarian about what things to watch out for.

Check with your travel agency before departure to find out how your pet should be transported, and check if your car is animal friendly. Verify with your hotel that your pet is welcome.

Remember to bring your pet’s food, water bowl, blanket or sleeping basket, brush or comb, flea/tick protection, any medication and its collar and leash. It’s best to do a check list for yourself and your pet in order to have a stress-free travel day, a relaxed start to your holiday and a problem-free return trip.

Remember, in Germany there are re-entry requirements for pets (EU-pass, rabies protection and marking/identification) that must be followed. Have a good vacation with your animal friend!