Absentee policy requires school notification

Capt. Jennifer Lovett
USAFE News Service

U.S. Air Forces in Europe has partnered with the Department of Defense Dependents Schools – Europe to support a new absence reporting policy that starts immediately

“Today’s environment necessitates standardized procedures for parents to report student absences from school and for the school to notify parents when a child fails to show up for classes,” said Stacey Crosson, USAFE school liaison officer.

In support of the DODDS-Europe Policy, all USAFE installations have put in place policies that require parents or guardians to notify their child’s school of absences or late arrivals and ensure correct contact information is on file at their child’s school at all times.

“If contact information is not current or is incorrect, schools will initiate contact through the military member’s chain-of-command and commanders have the discretion to execute appropriate counseling or disciplinary actions,” said Ms. Crosson.

In the event a child is reported as absent by the classroom teacher and the school has not been made aware of a planned absence, under the new policy, DODDS-Europe will contact the parent to report the child’s absence before 10 a.m.

If the school cannot contact the parent, it will attempt to contact all names on the student’s contact list before contacting the military member’s chain-of-command.

“These procedures are designed to help ensure the well being of all students and will require the full cooperation of everyone involved,” said Ms. Crosson. “Parents need to be very diligent in reporting unplanned absences to the school and ensuring contact information remains current and correct.”

A copy of the DODDS-E policy can be found on the DODDS-Europe Web site at www.eu.dodea.edu/policies/StudentAbsences.pdf.

For additional information or answers to questions, contact a School Liaison Office.