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***image1***QI have been here at Ramstein for five months now and have a question about the speed limit on the north-south road toward Mackenbach, east of the base. I have asked several Air Force members who have been here for some time and get varying answers.

As you approach the base along the golf course from the north, there is a speed limit sign that indicates 30 kilometers per hour in association with broken pavement.

During my brief time here, I have had that sign interpreted to mean 30 kilometers per hour is a suggested speed limit as opposed to a posted speed limit. It would seem from my observations that most disregard the posting.

Folks routinely pass me and appear annoyed when doing so. Can you clarify the speed limit and whether the posting is conditional or not so that I can make sure that my family and I are not posing a traffic hazard by driving too slow and encouraging passing on a two-lane road?

AThe 30 kilometers per hour speed limit on Mackenbach Road is the required (i.e. not “suggested”) limit due to the poor condition of the pavement. The road repair and enforcement of the speed limit falls under German jurisdiction.

Most traffic does exceed the speed limit, since the limit has not been heavily enforced; however, at times, the German police will place a traffic camera on the road.

Road repairs are scheduled to begin later this year. The speed limit will be raised once these repairs are complete.