Action Line

***image1***Would it be possible to remind dog owners that their dogs are supposed to be on leashes while on base? A person who I have spoken to once about this problem did not have his dog on a leash. His dog ran across the street to my dog and me, and while doing so, came within a couple of feet of being hit by a car. My concern is not only for the safety of his dog and other dogs, but also for the safety of kids playing and drivers. The drivers could swerve to miss a dog and have a wreck or hit a child or other pedestrian while doing it. I think this is a very serious safety issue that people need to consider.
Thank you for the opportunity to remind every pet owner about
their responsibilities.  Pet ownership in military family housing is a privilege and like any other privilege, it can be taken away if abused.
When outdoors, a responsible person must be in control of an animal at all times. Pets must be leashed, wear a collar/harness and display a valid rabies immunization tag. Owners must always carry the appropriate equipment to pick up and dispose of pet droppings or use the bags provided at the pet relief stations. Owners need to ensure their pets do not defecate and/or urinate on bushes, flowers and similar vegetation.  Pets are not allowed on playgrounds or sports fields anywhere in the KMC. Pets must also be housed inside assigned quarters and not be left in a housing unit while the member is away on leave or TDY. It’s unfortunate that some residents in your neighborhood aren’t following the rules. I suggest you contact your building leader and have them hold a meeting of residents who own animals to remind them of the rules. If you see a violator, you should approach them nicely and remind them of the rules. If they ignore you, contact your building leader to take action. KMC has a “three strikes you’re out” policy. Three formal warnings for violation of housing rules can lead to eviction. We all need to abide by these simple rules. Together, we can make the KMC a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable place to live, work and play in.