Action line

I’m concerned about the brown metal boxes being installed at the gates. The rumor is the boxes scan vehicles for questionable materials or items — much like TSA’s body scanners at airports.

While I fully support base security measures, I’m concerned about the radiation levels my kids and I are being subjected to each time we enter the base. I also wonder about the other pregnant women entering the base each day.

Could you please explain the purpose of the scanners, what the radiation levels are (and if they are safe for kids/pregnant ladies), and what will the procedure be for pregnant women entering the base? Will there be an area where we can walk around and show our IDs to the guards?

Thank you for your concern regarding the new security measures being installed at our entry points. While specific details cannot be provided regarding security equipment function, the 86th Civil Engineer Group can assure you that the “brown boxes” at the base entry points are completely passive and do not use emitters to accomplish their function.

This system poses absolutely no hazard to people or vehicles; therefore, no additional procedures are required at the entrance to the installation.

The system has been put in place to increase protection of the installation and its users.