Action Line: closures during training exercises

The COMMANDER’S ACTION LINE gives all Airmen, retirees, families and community members a direct link to Brig. Gen. Jon T. Thomas, 86th Airlift Wing commander. The Action Line can be used to express constructive points of view on the policies and procedures of the base; discuss safety and security issues; and address problems, concerns or suggestions after traditional methods have been exhausted. To submit an Action Line, email with the subject “Action Line.” Action Line discussions that are deemed beneficial for the community at large will be considered for publication on the Web and the next available edition of the Kaiserslautern American newspaper.


We tried to get lunch (Sept. 24) at the Ramstein Officer’s Club and the Pizza Gallerie place and were turned away. Doors were locked and no one was let in. I understand there is an exercise, but folks need to eat.


I understand your frustration regarding access restrictions to major service facilities during the lunch hour on Sept. 24. Multiple awareness avenues were taken via staff meeting presentations, social media and the KA to ensure everyone was informed of the KMC-wide exercise we were conducting with our Army partners, as we anticipated a level of activity we hadn’t seen in years. We knew that exercise events would cause major disruptions to base activities and facilities, and our publicity campaign was meant to minimize impact on our personnel and their families – we understand it was not perfect. However, it is imperative that we train as close as possible to how Team Ramstein would execute its mission and resources in a real-world scenario. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to keep Team Ramstein, our family members and the joint community as safe and as “Forward, Ready, Now” as possible.