Action Line: Notification of towed vehicles at KMCC parking lot

(Editor’s note: The following is an Action Line query that was recently submitted. The Commander’s Action Line gives all Airmen, retirees, families and community members an opportunity to express constructive points of view on the policies and procedures of the base; discuss safety and security issues; and address problems, concerns or suggestions after traditional methods have been exhausted. To submit an Action Line, visit and follow the guidelines.)

SITUATION: On a Sunday night, a KMC member’s vehicle failed to start in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center parking lot. The vehicle was pushed to the far end of the parking lot and a note was placed on the dashboard in clear view, stating the owner’s DSN and cell phone number. The note also contained a description of the vehicle’s malfunction and the date of occurrence. The vehicle was towed Wednesday without notification to the owner of the vehicle.

QUERY: Why wasn’t the KMC member contacted before the vehicle was towed?

RESPONSE: The Security Forces Operations Section has responded to the query with information referencing towing procedures at the KMCC, in accordance with the 86th AW 31-201, Installation Traffic Code.

It was determined the vehicle was parked overnight on a Sunday at the KMCC and was discovered/cited on Monday morning. The impound agent found a note, stating the owner would return to pick up his vehicle by Tuesday.

According to 86th AW 31-201 ITC, vehicles that are not an immediate force protection risk, towing will be delayed for 24 hours. On Wednesday, personnel determined the vehicle had not yet been retrieved by the owner, and removal procedures were initiated. The vehicle was towed from the KMCC parking lot on Wednesday due to the vehicle not being retrieved IAW instructions/information from the note in the vehicle.

In reference to the query, security forces would ask you to understand that the amount of vehicle infractions on a daily basis do not permit them to contact every single vehicle owner in violation of the ITC. However, if this situation arises again, feel free to contact the law enforcement desk at 480-2050/9911, provide the following vehicle information, and SF will do everything it can to ensure it does not get towed:

• Make, model, license plate and location
• Vehicle malfunction/issue
• Estimated removal date

If there are any questions regarding parking/handling/towing of vehicles in customer parking lots at the KMCC, an excerpt of the ITC is provided below.

Pertinent 86th AW 31-201 reference: In a “tow-away” zone that is so marked with signs. Vehicles will also be cited for abandonment. Specifically, the KMCC customer parking lots (Macaroni Grill, West Lot and North Lot) are designated as “tow away” zones for any vehicle that remains stationary in these lots overnight with the exception of the following vehicles: Government owned vehicles with temporary duty placards visibly displayed in the windshield. POVs and GOVs with a KMCC billeting parking pass visibly displayed in the windshield. (Parking passes are issued by 786th FSS KMCC lodging personnel upon check-in.) POVs and GOVs with KMCC manager parking passes visibly displayed in the windshield (Parking passes are issued/tracked by 86th MSG KMCC manager) POVs using the KMCC “AMC” parking garage must pick up a pass if traveling Space-A from the AMC customer service desk in the AMC terminal. Passes will be properly displayed on the left side of the dashboard for verification purposes.

NOTE: Vehicles in violation of the “tow away” zone restrictions for the KMCC customer parking lots are subject to immediate towing. However, if vehicle and its owner can be readily identified within Verinet and no additional force protection concern indicators are present, then towing will be delayed by 24 hours.

(Courtesy of 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs)