AF chief of staff recognizes AES warriors

Capt. Jennifer Lovett
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Two critical care teams, commonly referred to as flying intensive care units, from the 791st Exped-itionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron and two aeromedical evacuation teams from the 86th AES escorted
approximately 12 battlefield-wounded patients, six of whom were in
critical condition, from Landstuhl to the states in November.

“This was a normal mission, and sadly there are more and more of these
but with modern medicine and technology, we are able to provide them
the very best medical care, and remarkably it’s in an airplane,” said
Senior Airman J.T.C. Chevront, 791st AES.

But on this particular routine  mission, one of the critical patients happened to have his father on board.

“It is not uncommon to have family members on board the channel
missions that escort patients from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to
Andrews,” said Lt. Col. Stephen Hill, 86th Aeromedical Evacuation
Squadron director of operations.  “A lot of times the government
will pay for family members to come over so that they can fly back with
their sons or daughters or spouses.  It’s comforting.”

But it is uncommon when the father is a three-star Army general who
happens to know the Air Force chief of staff. Army Lt. Gen. Robert Van
Antwerp’s son was one of six critical patients in a cargo plane fully
loaded with wounded being taken to states for follow-up care at
Bethesda Medical Center or to Walter Reed Army Hospital, according to
U.S. Air Forces in Europe Public Affairs.  The general wrote a
note to the Air Force chief of staff, Gen. Michael Moseley, to let him
know how much he appreciated the overall effort and professionalism of
the aeromedical evacuation doctors, nurses and technicians and listed
them by name.

During a visit to Ramstein Monday, General Moseley presented all 19 of the evac crews a coin to show his appreciation.

“You are the most professional, competent people I’ve ever seen,” said
General Moseley. “The Air Force and Army have a solid relationship and
it’s more solid now.  You represent so much more than the few of
you up here.
You are representative of what we do in the Air Force during a time of
war.  So as a chief and as a dad let me thank you.  You are
the backstop of taking care of people, and you are absolutely awesome.”