AF promotion testing: no-shows not good

In the Air Force, there is a no-show policy for promotion testing.  These rules apply to all enlisted members testing for promotion. If an Airman arrives late to the testing facility or does not show up at all, he or she must report to the commander’s support staff to explain the reason for the no-show and the reasons he or she should not be declared ineligible for that cycle.

The CSS, testing office and military personnel flight, will then coordinate a formal no-show letter to determine if a new test date is approved. Reasons that are not excusable include putting the wrong date or time on your calendar, traffic, oversleeping or reporting to the wrong building.

If a unit commander approves rescheduling, there are two final approval authorities for awarding a new test date. If the reason is outside an Airman’s control, the final approval authority is the MPF commander. If the reason is within an Airman’s control, the final approval authority is the Mission Support Squadron commander.

For more information contact your CSS or the Ramstein Testing Office at 480-5449. (Courtesy of the 435th Mission Support Squadron)