AFPC directs changes to evaluations AFI

by Senior Airman Caitlin O

U.S. Air Force officials released new regulations in the evaluations Air Force instruction. These changes were directed by the Air Force Personnel Center headquarters and went into effect Jan. 2.

Though most of the program remains unchanged, there are important updates Airmen of all ranks should be aware of.

“These changes incorporate numerous revised policies and procedural changes involving performance feedback and evaluation reports that have been implemented since the last revision,” said Master Sgt. Ruby Corpuz, 786th Force Support Squadron superintendent of force management. “The importance is to clarify existing policies and procedures, to include procedures for the electronic form and digital signatures.”

One important change states that previously, if a rater and a supervised Airman were separated for 30 consecutive days or more in a given rating period, those days would be removed from the supervision time. This sometimes resulted in reports that were closed out well over 12 months since the previous report. This provision has been removed and supervisors cannot deduct any period of supervision during the rating period.

The next Air Force Instruction reduces the rebuttal time of a referral evaluation to three duty days, when it once was 10 calendar days.

This is not the only change in regards to the referral evaluations. Another states that previously referral reports could close out with an overall five rating. This has been amended; referral reports may now only close out with a four or less overall rating.

“There are exceptions to certain rules and, depending on the circumstances, they will be judged on a case-by-case basis,” Corpuz said.

More important information includes a statement that master sergeant and above, including officers, now have 15 days after a civilian conviction to report it to their first-line supervision.

“The new AFI 36-2406 revisions do not significantly change current evaluation procedures,” Corpuz said. “Those responsible for reviewing reports are strongly recommended to take some time to read and understand the changes.”

The newly restructured document includes all previous updates and guilds that have been published since previous publications. This AFI is now a current, one-stop shop for evaluation guidance.

For more information, call the Military Personnel Flight at 478-7419.