A&FRC offers PCS programs

Whether you are coming or going, the Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center has the right program for you.

For those of you getting ready to leave Ramstein, the A&FRC highly recommends attending the “ABCs of PCSing.” This class is mandatory for all 86th Airlift Wing personnel and strongly encouraged for everyone else stationed on Ramstein. This class provides a series of informational briefings from base agencies involved in the PCS process, including transportation management office household goods, transportation, furnishings management office, housing, legal, vehicle registration and more.

The class is primarily for active-duty military personnel and their family
members within six months of their DEROS. Call 480-5100 or 06371-47-5100 to make a reservation.

It is not necessary to have orders to attend. The class takes place from 9 a.m. to noon. Attending will save you time in the long run. You may be able to skip a few of the out-processing steps and will be better prepared for the mandatory appointments. You will have most if not all the answers to the questions you will be asked at your exit interviews.

In addition to the ABCs of PCSing class, the A&FRC has other programs to make your PCS to your next duty station a little smoother:

Personal Financial Appointments — One of our financial counselors will help you develop a spending plan that will help you determine what your finances will look like after you PCS.

Relocation Assistance — The “Plan My Move” segment on the Department of
Defense-sponsored website MilitaryHomefront.com will allow you to track the various stages of your PCS using an electronic advantage. Your A&FRC relocation specialist can help you get started.

If you would like to participate in one of the programs or would like to schedule an appointment with a relocation counselor, call the A&FRC at 480-5100 or 06371-47-5100.

(Courtesy of Ramstein A&FRC Relocation Team)