Air Force launches phase two of climate survey

Air Force Print News

The Air Force recently launched Phase 2 of its climate survey, which is focused on Air Force culture.
This online survey is part of a large-scale study to understand the culture at large: the values, beliefs and expectations that shape people’s everyday behavior. This effort differs from the usual climate survey, which examines command climate in particular units at specific points in time.
In order to reduce the survey burden on the Air Force population, a randomly selected subset of more than 300,000 Air Force civilian, Guard, Reserve and active-duty members were sent direct e-mail invitations to participate in the survey. However, maximum participation is desired for this important undertaking.
All Air Force members willing to participate in the survey are encouraged to access it anytime at the secure Web site at The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and will be available through Sept. 10.
Because culture extends beyond particular leaders or units, unit-specific reports will not be generated as they were for phase one.
The RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research institution with a long history of working with the Air Force, will prepare a report for senior military and civilian Air Force leaders on the survey results. The survey findings will be enhanced by a series of focus groups on Air Force culture at bases around the country.
The results of both the surveys and focus groups will be used to document aspects of the organization’s culture that have never before been captured, and to help inform senior leaders of Air Force culture and force development efforts. (Courtesy of Air Force Print News)