Air Force leaders send holiday message

WASHINGTON — The following is an Independence Day message from Secretary of the Air Force Dr. James G. Roche and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John P. Jumper:
“Happy birthday, America! For the last 228 years our nation has been the beacon for peace, freedom and opportunity around the world. America earned that reputation through courageous acts of patriotism by our founding fathers and through bravery on battlefields from Bunker Hill to Baghdad.
“On Sunday, we’ll celebrate with family and friends the joys of peace and the blessings of freedom. As you celebrate, please remember those who paid the ultimate price defending the values established by our forefathers in forging our great nation.
“This Independence Day is especially meaningful as we support the rebirth of Iraqi sovereignty and defend freedom far from home.
Today, Airmen are deployed all over the world, engaged on all fronts in the Global War on Terrorism, carrying freedom’s torch. Please remember our deployed Airmen in your thoughts and prayers on the 4th of July.
“America looks to you as their representatives of pride, strength and perseverance in times of peace and war. We’re proud of you and salute your great service. We wish you and your families a safe and happy 4th of July!”
(Courtesy of Air Force Print News)