Air Force rolls out new financial readiness training

“We know that experiencing financial hardships can be stressful for Airmen and their families,” said U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright. “Financial problems can adversely affect your ability to focus on your job, maintain your security clearance and ultimately perform your unit’s mission.”

To ensure mission readiness, new financial readiness training requirements for Airmen went into effect Nov. 15.

This new training prepares Airmen to be financially ready for a variety of situations.

“Personal financial readiness education plays a vital role in enhancing the financial literacy and competency of service members and their families,” said Angelica Williams, 86th Force Support Squadron Airman & Family Readiness Center community readiness consultant. “As service members experience life-changing events, it is imperative they are aware of how their finances can change and be equipped to manage these changes.”

Financial training is scheduled to be completed during these periods and possible situations throughout an Airman’s career:

  • Initial entry
  • Arrival at first duty station
  • Permanent change of station to subsequent duty stations (E-4/O-3 and below)
  • Promotion (E-5/O-4 and below)
  • Investing in Thrift Savings Plan (at 2 years in service)
  • Continuation Pay (at 12 years in service)
  • Transition to reserve component, separation or retirement
  • Leadership training
  • Pre-deployment
  • Post-deployment
  • Birth or adoption of first child
  • Marriage
  • Divorce

Airmen won’t have to worry about having their office shutting down for several hours every month for this training.

“Airmen have the capability of taking the training right from their desk through the CAC enabled MyVector site or schedule an appointment with the A&FRC for one-on-one training,” said Williams.

Service members will be notified via email when they need to complete any financial training or pre-registering for training offered through MyVector prior to receiving a notification.

Service members will not be required to complete training for events and situations that occurred prior to Nov. 15.

For more information contact the Ramstein A&FRC at 06371-47-5100 or 480-5100.