Air & Space Communications group changes designations

The U.S. Air Forces in Europe Air and Space Communications Group made its final transition into the 86th Airlift Wing family Wednesday. The group is now officially called the “86th Air and Space Communi-cations Group.”

The ACOMG transferred out of Headquarters USAFE and into the new 86th AW in January. But the completion of the transition happened when the group officially changed its name to reflect the numeric designation of its parent wing and its sister groups.
The new name makes clear to all that the ACOMG is a proud member of the Air Force’s premier airlift wing.

In keeping with military tradition and historical lineage, a name change is no easy feat. This name change took seven months.
The USAFE Air and Space Communications Group was ceremonially deactivated by furling and casing its guidon. Immediately following this action, the 86th Communications Group was redesignated the 86th Air and Space Communications Group and then reactivated.

“I’m excited we will now have a name that visibly aligns us with the 86th Airlift Wing,” said Col. Mike Lewis, 86th ACOMG commander. “I’m also excited about picking up the proud history and lineage of the 86th Communications Group.”

The ACOMG was created May 22, 2003, and is made up of former USAFE Theater Air & Space-operations Center and USAFE Directorate of Communications units. The 86th ACOMG is composed of almost 500 Air Force communications specialists in three squadrons: 1st Air & Space Communications Operations Squadron, 1st Combat Communications Squadron and 1st Communications Maintenance Squadron. While other USAFE communications units focus on their main operating base’s communications needs, the 86th ACOMG focuses on providing tactical, airfield, maintenance, classified network and engineering, and installation communications support throughout the entire European Command theater, no matter how austere the environment.

Colonel Lewis emphasized the group’s motto is “’Ops focused, mission ready!’ “Just tell us what kind of comm you need and where you need it and, with the help of our airlift brothers and sisters in the rest of the 86th AW, we’ll have it to you in a heart beat!”
(Courtesy of the 86th Air and Space Communications Group)