Airman’s rescue training put to test after accident

***image1***Senior Airman Jason K. Tipler, an Aerial Port Journeyman assigned to the 86th Air Mobility Squadron in the 86th Contingency Response Group at Ramstein, never thought he would have to put his combat skills to use unless he was deployed. However, three weeks ago he did.

Just past midnight on June 5, Airman Tipler was returning home after serving as the designated driver for a celebration welcoming some friends to Germany. He was almost home, driving on the L365 near Ramstein, when he noticed an overturned vehicle on the opposite side of the road. As he rushed to the scene, he noticed an injured individual lying on his back in the grass near the overturned vehicle. The injured victim was bleeding from the nose and mouth, and was choking on his own blood.

Fortunately for the victim, just weeks prior to this incident, Airman Tipler graduated from the U.S. Army’s Combat Lifesaver Course. The course taught advanced first-aid and life saving procedures tailored specifically for expeditionary warriors. 

Without hesitation, Airman Tipler began helping the individual. He repositioned the victim’s tongue to clear his airway and checked for other bodily injury. Airman Tipler (with the assistance of bystanders) rolled the victim to his side to prevent further choking. 

After about 10 minutes of rendering first-aid, German rescue workers arrived on the scene. A paramedic asked Airman Tipler if he knew how to administer intravenous fluids. He did, he said.

Airman Tipler successfully prepped the victim and administered the IV and then, after further stabilizing the victim, assisted the paramedics by placing the victim on a stretcher for transport to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in an ambulance.

As it turns out, the victim was a fellow Airman also stationed at Ramstein. When asked how he felt knowing that he saved a fellow Airman’s life, Airman Tipler said, “I didn’t even think about it, it was just a reaction. It seemed like the right thing to do.”

(Courtesy of 86th CRG)