Airmen should verify deployment credit

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – All Airmen who were not issued
contingency/exercise/deployment orders to deploy should verify their
personnel records include credit for those deployments. A deployment is
defined as any temporary duty away from home station filling a
validated combatant or component commander or supported major command
requirement for forces in support of a named operation or exercise.

Airmen should ensure they have received credit for deployments as
defined above because, in some instances, units have deployed Airmen
under Defense Department Form 1610s or NATO travel orders.

However, to receive deployment credit, Air Force Instruction 36-2134,
“Air Force Duty Status Program” requires CED orders to update TDY
histories in the Military Personnel Data System.

“Because officer selection boards are charged by the secretary of the
Air Force to consider the ‘whole person,’ officers need to ensure their
entire record is correct to include deployments. The officer selection
brief, which is a snapshot of the officer’s career, to include data
such as decorations, duty history and developmental education, now
reflects qualifying deployments since 9/11,” said Lt. Col. Darlene
Roquemore, chief of the officer promotions, appoin-tments and selection
continuation branch at the Air Force Personnel Center here.

Airmen can verify their Type 1 TDY deployment history has been updated
through their commander’s support staff or personnel employment section
at their servicing military personnel flight.

If an Airman’s Type 1 TDY deployment has not been updated in their TDY
history, a completed travel voucher and at least one of the following
source documents are required to receive credit:
—certified CED orders;
—certified non-CED orders;
—approved decoration;
—officer/enlisted performance report;
—finalized letter of evaluation; or
—a letter of justification from a squadron commander or higher

All source documents must identify the Airman and state the named operation or exercise supported for the duration of the TDY.

In the future, all Airmen who are not issued CED orders for eligible
deployments should make every effort to notify their respective
commander’s support staff or servicing MPF personnel readiness function
prior to departure.

If they cannot correct orders prior to departure, they may do so after returning from the deployment.

For more information, call the AFPC field activities office at 665-2671 or