All-Conference players announced

Airman Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***With the high school European championships over and the end of the school year approaching, the high school all-conference teams for spring sports were recently named. The following is a list of Kaiserslautern and Ramstein high school athletes who made all-conference.

Boys’ soccer 1st team
Adam Rasmussen and Jason Pollock from Ramstein. Josh Warren and Sascha Chavez-Cota from Kaiserslautern.
Honorable mentions were: Tommy Appel-Schumacher (Ramstein), Cole Maxey (Ramstein) and Jason Swift (Kaiserslautern).

Girls’ soccer 1st team
Kate Fluker, Katee Norris, Melissa Hirzel and Lauren Williams from Ramstein. Allyson Bunch, Liana Knight and Paris Cervantes from Kaiserslautern.
Honorable mentions were: Mari Shakir (Ramstein), Jayci Chachuela (Ramstein), Dupe Babatunde (Kaiserslautern), Anna Hrushka (Kaiserslautern) and Bianca Gerera-Perez (Kaiserslautern).

Girls’ softball 1st team
Heather Steele, Theresa Brooks, Mara Groom, Victoria Apodaca and Jessica Apodaca from Ramstein. Kili Smith and Adriana Metoyer from Kaiserslautern.
Honorable mentions were: Emily Badstibner (Kaiserslautern).