All I want for Christmas…

Photos by Christine June

***image6***It’s a rite of passage for American children: to sit on Santa Claus’ lap and whisper into his ear the thing they want most for Christmas.

He’s a legend – the fat, jolly man, from the North Pole. He laughs. He says, “Ho, Ho, Ho.” And, he promises that if children are good, they will get all that their heart desires.

Santa Claus visited with KMC children at the U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern’s Holiday Magic Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Dec. 6, at the Kids’ Zone on Pulaski Barracks.

Now, they’ll go home and wait. They’ll  put out some cookies and milk for him. And, on Christmas day, they will emerge sleepy-eyed, but excited, and head straight to the Christmas tree to find out just what Santa left for them.